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First, we need to start by thanking Robyn Lourie for creating our artwork this year!

Every year we have an amazing volunteer donate their time to create some amazing artwork for us. For our 42nd convention, Robyn did a fantastic job!

You can check out more of her art and our previous art in our artwork archive.

Second, we need to thank our Feature hosts: Nick Brown, Toymasters and Dallas Ewen

Nick Brown put in countless hours this year creating and hosting our Dungeons and Dragons Tournament: the Nightmare.  We want to thank Nick for stepping up this year and making sure our D&D tournament tradition lived on. It was an absolute blast!

The Catan Tournament would not have happened without Toymasters enabling the entry with Asmodee, and we’re very thankful that Amber was able to add another amazing feature event!

And finally, we have to thank Dallas for hosting our Auction once again and making it another great experience!

Finally, we have to give thanks to our Sponsors and Vendors

The items in the raffle are donated entirely by our sponsors and vendors, the raffle ticket sales go towards helping with the venue costs of Prairiecon.

Our sponsors and vendors are the local game stores in Manitoba, and we want to encourage you all to check out our sponsor list below and support local at these amazing sponsor and vendor locations!

Finally, of course, thanks to all of you for attending, having a great time, and giving us your feedback!

PrairieCon is Tomorrow!

PrairieCon is Tomorrow!

PrairieCon Starts tomorrow! The doors open at noon, gaming starts at 1 pm!

There are a few last minute items that we wanted to cover:

The hallway is open from Canad to the Keystone!

We were able to confirm that the hallway will be open between Canad Inns and the Curling Lounge, so you do not have to walk all the way around! The hallway will be open from 6 am to 12:30 am each day.

We still need a few volunteers!

We still need a few volunteers to fill a few slots! If you have a few free hours over the weekend, reach out to or find a red-shirt over the weekend.

The Auction!

The auction will be upstairs this year, don’t forget to submit your items as early as possible. Visit the auction page to download the forms, we will also have some available at the convention.

Raffle Draw Times

We didn’t communicate the raffle very well last year, we’ll do better this year!

We will do the raffle draw at 1:00 pm on Sunday! If you have your name and contact written on the ticket, then you do not have to be present when the draw is made. Otherwise if we draw a number and nobody claims it, we will draw again. So please put your name on all tickets to make sure you don’t miss out.

The Registration System will Be Back Online

Just a reminder that if you want to rearrange your games at the con, you can do so on your phone on the registration site at

Reminder to eat some food!

We don’t have your traditional lunch slots and times, so be sure to take a break and get some food and drink into you, so you can keep your wits sharp and keep on gaming!

Only a few days left to pre-register!

Only a few days left to pre-register!

That’s right, there are only a few days left to pre-register, and this year, for the first time we did something new…

We did a game shuffle of empty games

What does that mean? Well… it means we went to the Game Masters (GMs) who had empty games and asked them if they wanted to swap their games out. GMs weren’t required to swap their games out, but we wanted to give them the option so that they also get to fully enjoy their PrairieCon experience.

This means some NEW GAMES have shown up on the list!
There is now a Catan Tournament, and there have been other games added to the list since the game selection opened. Check it out!

Ask your friends to come to PrairieCon!

Like we said at the start of this email, there are only a few days left to pre-register and we noticed that our attendance numbers are slightly lower than normal. So if you have that friend or family member that’s still on the fence about coming to PrairieCon, there’s plenty of room, and plenty of great games to choose from still!

Catan National Qualifier Tournament

Catan National Qualifier Tournament

Are you PrairieCon’s best Catan player?

Or do you just like this immensely popular board game?

Sign up for the Toymasters Catan National Qualifier Tournament held at PrairieCon and Section 6 Brewing! 

The winner will be eligible to play in the upcoming Catan National in 2024.

To enter:

You have to play in a preliminary round.
The first preliminary round is being held at Section 6 Brewery on May 21. If you haven’t bought your PrairieCon pass yet, this is a great way to have a chance at winning a pass!

Contact Amber at to register.

If you cannot attend the preliminary at Section 6, there will be a preliminary held at PrairieCon at 7 pm on Friday night!

Visit our site to register.

The Final:

The top 4 players from both preliminaries will advance to the Final (invitation only) on Sunday, May 28 at 4 pm
(table location TBD).  The higher you score in any Preliminary, the better your chances of advancing

Game Selection Starts TODAY at 6 pm

Game Selection Starts TODAY at 6 pm

Game-Ticket Selection starts today at 6 pm!

If there is a game that you really want to get into, be at your computer early and be ready to log in at 6 pm and get to your game! Some games fill up VERY fast!

To choose your game tickets, you’ll want to visit our registration site and look for the button to buy tickets. It will be right beside the Submit Events Button and the Buy Badge Button. (see below for an example of button placement)

If you have trouble with the registration system:


If you want to double-check your games list:

Once you’ve signed up for your games, if you choose to, you can double-check your list by clicking on Attend, and then choosing My Schedule.

Button placement example:

Badge and Ticket System

Just a(nother) reminder that our system uses badges for registration and you get a ticket for each game. You pay for your registration badge and your tickets are free once you have your badge. If you haven’t purchased your Registration Badget yet, you can do that on our registration site.