The Auction

The  Auction will run from 6 pm – 9 pm Saturday evening in the upper curling lounge.

Our Auction event will kickoff with our usual “state of the con” address, where President James Hood will give thanks to the attendees and give an update on PrairieCon. The Auction will begin right after!


To enter your items into the auction, you must fill out a registration form

The form has all the rules for submission on it, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.  Items for the auction must be dropped off at the main desk, along with a completed registration form, before 5:00pm on Saturday.

Auction Rules

  • All items must be dropped off at the registration desk by 5pm on Saturday.
  • All items must include a registration form.
  • If your item is incomplete, please state that in your description. Nobody wants to get home, excited for their new game, only to open the box and be disappointed.
  • Small items (magazines, comics, cards, and etc.) will not be accepted unless they are to be auctioned in bulk.
  • In order to save time, auctioneers have the right to bundle items with a starting bid of less than $5 if they see fit. If we have bundled some of your items together, and you disagree with this decision, politely yell at us when we start the bidding. We can then pull your items from the auction.
  • 15% of the successful bid is kept as a commission for PrairieCon. Unless needed to cover outstanding expenses, the commission will be donated to charity. Past charitable recipients include Avis’s Place and Child’s Play.
  • The owner may choose to donate all of their profits to either PrairieCon or charity.
  • Owners of items can pick up their un-auctioned goods or their payment Sunday morning at the registration desk.

All bidders will be required to have a bidding number

  • You may be pick up your bidding number for free at the auction desk.
  • Please get your number during the supper break or before the auction starts. 
  • Visitors are not eligible to get a bidding number, but are free to sit, stay and watch the fun!

Any question please e-mail