The PrairieCon D&D Tournament Returns!

The PrairieCon Dungeons & Dragons Tournament is an annual event for D&D enthusiasts to play an original scenario written by local creators. The tournament is a fun, lightly competitive event that is very open and welcoming to new players.

Players can register individually or as a part of a team. Teams will stay together for the first round of play, with some opportunity for mixing during the second round, which is a multi-table event. The tournament will use the 5e D&D rules set. Novice players are welcome, though this probably shouldn’t be your first game of D&D ever.

If you want to register as a team, make sure your team is all registered for the D&D tournament in tabletop events like normal, and then stick together when the game starts, and the DM will keep you and your friends together.

Details about our 2025 event will come early next year!