PrairieCon T-Shirts!

PrairieCon T-Shirts!

T-shirts will be available again this year at PrairieCon to buy for $30!

This year, we’re trying something new! We’re offering personalization for your shirts! That’s right, we’ll print your name, nickname, D&D Team name, or whatever you want on the back of your shirt! For names that are really, really long, we will size the text accordingly, to fill the space. If you have an incredibly long name that we don’t think will fit, we will reach out to you to let you know.

The cost for personalization is just $5!

How do you order a personalized shirt?

Send an etransfer and fill out the form below before Thursday, May 23 at 8 pm and a shirt will be ready for you when you register at PrairieCon!

After Thursday, you can order your personalized shirt at PrairieCon up until 10 am on Sunday, and you’ll get your personalized shirt back on Sunday at 2 pm.

If you’re ready to order, then follow these steps:

1 – Send an e-transfer for $35 to and use the password: prairiecon
(if you’re getting a free shirt through volunteer incentives, then you only have to e-transfer the $5 for personalization)

2 – Email your order to Penni. If you are doing a group order, please have your name first (who is paying) and the names/information to customize after.

3 – That’s it! Once we receive confirmation of your e-transfer along with your submitted order, we’ll get to work on your shirt customization!

If you have questions

Contact Penni at

Game Selection Closes Tomorrow

Game Selection Closes Tomorrow

Game Selection closes Friday at 6 pm, which is tomorrow!

This means you have until then to go in and look at your game selections and make any changes!

And finally, make sure you have checked out with your games!

When you buy tickets to games, you have to check out with them, and if you didn’t check out, then your game selections weren’t finalized. If you’re not sure, then now’s the time to double-check!

Finally, we’re almost at the Final Countdown (no, not that final countdown) You’ll see over the next few days all of our sponsor posts roll out, make sure you give them a like! And we’ll have our countdown posts, which will have some tidbits of PrairieCon info to help you get ready for the weekend.

So, stay tuned and check those games!

Only a few days left to Pre-Register!

Only a few days left to Pre-Register!

Pre-registration will close on Friday, May 17 at 6 pm.

Ask your friends to come to PrairieCon!

We had a huge amount of games show up this year, which is so amazing, however, we want to make sure we have enough people to sit in and play in those games! So if you have that friend or family member who’s still on the fence about coming to PrairieCon, there’s plenty of room and plenty of great games to choose from!

Keep an eye on the games list

For the next week as some games may shuffle, now that we’re close to the weekend! Some empty games may disappear from the list, and some new games may show up!

Our Dungeons and Dragons Tournament, sponsored by I Want That Stuff is now full! There is, however, a Cover your A$$ets Tournament, hosted by ToyMasters that you can check out

Cover Your A$$ets Tournament by Toymasters

Cover Your A$$ets Tournament by Toymasters

We have another tournament coming to PrairieCon, this one is a Cover Your A$$ets Tournament, hosted by Toymasters!

In Cover Your Assets, players compete to become the first millionaire by building towers of matching sets made from 10 different types of asset cards (things like jewels, piggy banks, classic autos, and more). Each new set that is created is stacked crosswise on top of the previous set, covering, and protecting, all the sets beneath it.

The two-hour tournament has room for 20 players and prizes are supplied by Toymasters!

Head on over to our registration site and get yourself a spot in the tournament before it fills up!

Our Game Schedule is Full!

Our Game Schedule is Full!

WOW! We have so, so many games available to choose from at this year’s PrairieCon. In fact, we have so many games submitted, that we are turning off the game submissions!

We know this may come as a disappointment to some of you who still want to run a game and gain the incentives, but we’re concerned that many games won’t have enough players to run.

Any game that was submitted this morning and last night will be dealt with on a game-by-game basis to see if we can fit them onto a table somewhere and into our schedule.

Get Your Friends to Sign Up!

We have an opportunity to make this the biggest PrairieCon yet, and how fitting would it be that our largest attended event had a dinosaur theme!?! So ask your friends, ankylosaurus’ and countryfolk, to come out and play!

You have until May 18 to choose your games online and purchase your badges. Then we close the registration system for a week to get ready for PrairieCon. Game Selection will reopen when PrairieCon opens on Friday, May 24 at noon. Badges will be available in person at the registration desk.