May 30, 2023

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First, we need to start by thanking Robyn Lourie for creating our artwork this year!

Every year we have an amazing volunteer donate their time to create some amazing artwork for us. For our 42nd convention, Robyn did a fantastic job!

You can check out more of her art and our previous art in our artwork archive.

Second, we need to thank our Feature hosts: Nick Brown, Toymasters and Dallas Ewen

Nick Brown put in countless hours this year creating and hosting our Dungeons and Dragons Tournament: the Nightmare.  We want to thank Nick for stepping up this year and making sure our D&D tournament tradition lived on. It was an absolute blast!

The Catan Tournament would not have happened without Toymasters enabling the entry with Asmodee, and we’re very thankful that Amber was able to add another amazing feature event!

And finally, we have to thank Dallas for hosting our Auction once again and making it another great experience!

Finally, we have to give thanks to our Sponsors and Vendors

The items in the raffle are donated entirely by our sponsors and vendors, the raffle ticket sales go towards helping with the venue costs of Prairiecon.

Our sponsors and vendors are the local game stores in Manitoba, and we want to encourage you all to check out our sponsor list below and support local at these amazing sponsor and vendor locations!

Finally, of course, thanks to all of you for attending, having a great time, and giving us your feedback!