Only a few days left to pre-register!

May 15, 2023

That’s right, there are only a few days left to pre-register, and this year, for the first time we did something new…

We did a game shuffle of empty games

What does that mean? Well… it means we went to the Game Masters (GMs) who had empty games and asked them if they wanted to swap their games out. GMs weren’t required to swap their games out, but we wanted to give them the option so that they also get to fully enjoy their PrairieCon experience.

This means some NEW GAMES have shown up on the list!
There is now a Catan Tournament, and there have been other games added to the list since the game selection opened. Check it out!

Ask your friends to come to PrairieCon!

Like we said at the start of this email, there are only a few days left to pre-register and we noticed that our attendance numbers are slightly lower than normal. So if you have that friend or family member that’s still on the fence about coming to PrairieCon, there’s plenty of room, and plenty of great games to choose from still!