GM and Volunteer Incentive Program

To recognize the effort and contribution of our volunteers, we reward volunteers for the work that they do. As you run games or help make the convention work in other ways, you will accumulate incentive credits. The more time you contribute, the more credits you earn, and more credits you earn, the higher your reward. 

RPG Incentive

We are trying to get GMs to run more tabletop roleplaying games of all kinds!  D&D, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulu, or whatever you want!

Therefore, we are crediting DOUBLE TIME towards the incentives for any Role Playing Games that are being run!

Rewards are tiered:

*To obtain a free shirt, you must have committed your time before April 30th , as we need
time to order the shirts. We are always appreciative of any volunteers, regardless of
when they sign up.

Please contact if you would like to run games.
Please contact  if you wish to volunteer your time helping.

Do you want to volunteer?

PrairieCon relies on volunteers to help make our convention amazing. Once you’ve chosen your games, head over to our volunteer link and sign up for some volunteers slots!