PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament – Almost Full!

PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament – Almost Full!


After only a few days of registration, the PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament is almost full! Saturday is completely sold out, and there are only ten spots remaining on Sunday (enough for two more teams). If you are hoping to play, don’t delay!

Just one final reminder to all of the team captains out there – please email me your team roster prior to the event so that I can ensure that your team gets to play together. If you can’t quite recruit the full five members for your team, you are welcome to sign up as a smaller team and we will supplement your ranks with folks who have signed up as individuals. If you have a friend you want to play with, that is fine as well – just let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate your request! No guarantees, of course, because math is a cruel mistress.

Thanks to all of the 40 players who have signed up thus far. I am delighted to see such enthusiasm for the event. If you have any questions, or wish to register a team, please email me at

As further thanks, please enjoy the last two character portraits by Alyssa Fraser:

What’re you lookin’ at?
Don’t I look enchanting?
PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament – Almost Full!

PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament Update

Have you assembled your team?

The opening date for registration is a scant two weeks away! Where does the time go?

Play testing of the D&D tournament scenarios was a smashing success, and I think that our excellent gang of Game Masters will be well prepared to deliver entertaining and challenging games for all of their players. As you can see, the onerous task of printing and assembly is now well underway:

That’s a lot of printing!

Please remember that if you are welcome to register individually or as part of a team. If you have a team of up to 5 players you would like to play with, please make sure that you email the roster to me at so that I can ensure that you all play together. Even if you just have a buddy you want to play with, let me know and we should be able to make it happen!

You can find more information about the tournament scenarios on our games list page.

I hope to have one more update before the floodgates of registration open. In the meantime, please feast your eyes on this new character portrait from Alyssa Fraser:

I am not an animal!!!
PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament – Almost Full!

PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament Update

Greetings Earthlings!

Preparations for the Dungeons & Dragons Tournament are chugging along nicely, with our playtesting scheduled for next weekend. For those wondering what this year’s scenario is all about, we have a teaser description for you:

The predominantly Human nation of Perchwall has been at war with the Humanoid Lands for years. Your group of humanoids has been tasked with escorting a high value prisoner to a meeting with the humans, where you hope to exchange your prisoner for one of your captured spies with valuable information. Will you be able to keep your prisoner alive, and make it to the meeting in time? Will your spy have the information needed to turn the tide in the war?

The scenarios this year will be set in the world of Vitania, which was created by local D&D enthusiasts Chris Blaikie, Craig Dedrick, Alyssa Fraser, Graham Harvey, James Hood, Xisra Winder, and Xanthe Zarry. If you are curious about the setting, you can learn more about it here: . If you are keen to read up on the setting prior to the event, the tournament will predominantly involve the Humanoid Lands, Perchwall, Unari, and the Church of the Ninefold Way. Anyone is welcome to make use of the Vitania settings in their own games if they so desire.

Speaking of humanoids, please feast your eye-holes on this fabulous new character art from Alyssa Fraser:

PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament – Almost Full!

PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament

Ahoy PrairieCon Community!

With the Spring Gamesday in the rear view mirror, our thoughts are naturally turning toward the big event in June, and for many, the centerpiece of the PrairieCon weekend continues to be the annual Dungeons & Dragons Tournament. I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what the format of the event will be this year, and to debut the first of five original pieces of character artwork.

Once again, the tournament will be making use of the 5th edition rules set, and the characters will be relatively low level. This means that the game system is very straightforward and easy to learn, and you don’t need to have a single lick of 5th edition experience in order to come out and play. We have a rules preamble at the beginning of the event, and we assume that the players have little to know knowledge of the rules. Our friendly and experienced Dungeon Masters are there to help if there are any stumbling blocks. The tournament always has a fun and friendly atmosphere, and all scoring is based on roleplaying, problem solving, and accomplishing goals, so your limited exposure to the rules will not inhibit you in the least.

Based on the success of the past few years, the tournament will once again be a team event. This means that scoring is based on the team rather than the individual. Players are welcome to register as part of a team, or as individuals who will be assigned to a team. Unlike last year, the event will not be a multi-table event; all groups will independently run through identical scenarios in separate rooms.

We will share more information about the scenarios and registration over the coming weeks. For now, I will leave you with an introduction to the first of five characters, all of whom are somewhat… unusual this year. Thanks to Alyssa Fraser for the awesome character art.

Meow meow meow.

After Dark Sponsors the D&D Tournament! Pictures of minis!

Good news, everyone! After Dark Winnipeg has come on board as a sponsor of the 38th Annual PrairieCon Dungeons and Dragons Tournament! The After Dark gaming lounge in Winnipeg is a great establishment, with plenty of board games and a great space for running rpg’s – if you are in Winnipeg, be sure to check them out. Thanks so much to Michael and the After Dark team for sponsoring our event.

As many of you know, Rick Pemkowski hand-paints a set of miniatures to be used as prizes for the D&D Tournament every year. Behold his handiwork: