PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament Update

May 6, 2019

Have you assembled your team?

The opening date for registration is a scant two weeks away! Where does the time go?

Play testing of the D&D tournament scenarios was a smashing success, and I think that our excellent gang of Game Masters will be well prepared to deliver entertaining and challenging games for all of their players. As you can see, the onerous task of printing and assembly is now well underway:

That’s a lot of printing!

Please remember that if you are welcome to register individually or as part of a team. If you have a team of up to 5 players you would like to play with, please make sure that you email the roster to me at so that I can ensure that you all play together. Even if you just have a buddy you want to play with, let me know and we should be able to make it happen!

You can find more information about the tournament scenarios on our games list page.

I hope to have one more update before the floodgates of registration open. In the meantime, please feast your eyes on this new character portrait from Alyssa Fraser:

I am not an animal!!!