PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament

Apr 6, 2019

Ahoy PrairieCon Community!

With the Spring Gamesday in the rear view mirror, our thoughts are naturally turning toward the big event in June, and for many, the centerpiece of the PrairieCon weekend continues to be the annual Dungeons & Dragons Tournament. I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what the format of the event will be this year, and to debut the first of five original pieces of character artwork.

Once again, the tournament will be making use of the 5th edition rules set, and the characters will be relatively low level. This means that the game system is very straightforward and easy to learn, and you don’t need to have a single lick of 5th edition experience in order to come out and play. We have a rules preamble at the beginning of the event, and we assume that the players have little to know knowledge of the rules. Our friendly and experienced Dungeon Masters are there to help if there are any stumbling blocks. The tournament always has a fun and friendly atmosphere, and all scoring is based on roleplaying, problem solving, and accomplishing goals, so your limited exposure to the rules will not inhibit you in the least.

Based on the success of the past few years, the tournament will once again be a team event. This means that scoring is based on the team rather than the individual. Players are welcome to register as part of a team, or as individuals who will be assigned to a team. Unlike last year, the event will not be a multi-table event; all groups will independently run through identical scenarios in separate rooms.

We will share more information about the scenarios and registration over the coming weeks. For now, I will leave you with an introduction to the first of five characters, all of whom are somewhat… unusual this year. Thanks to Alyssa Fraser for the awesome character art.

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