PrairieCon XL D&D Tournament Update

Apr 15, 2019

Greetings Earthlings!

Preparations for the Dungeons & Dragons Tournament are chugging along nicely, with our playtesting scheduled for next weekend. For those wondering what this year’s scenario is all about, we have a teaser description for you:

The predominantly Human nation of Perchwall has been at war with the Humanoid Lands for years. Your group of humanoids has been tasked with escorting a high value prisoner to a meeting with the humans, where you hope to exchange your prisoner for one of your captured spies with valuable information. Will you be able to keep your prisoner alive, and make it to the meeting in time? Will your spy have the information needed to turn the tide in the war?

The scenarios this year will be set in the world of Vitania, which was created by local D&D enthusiasts Chris Blaikie, Craig Dedrick, Alyssa Fraser, Graham Harvey, James Hood, Xisra Winder, and Xanthe Zarry. If you are curious about the setting, you can learn more about it here: . If you are keen to read up on the setting prior to the event, the tournament will predominantly involve the Humanoid Lands, Perchwall, Unari, and the Church of the Ninefold Way. Anyone is welcome to make use of the Vitania settings in their own games if they so desire.

Speaking of humanoids, please feast your eye-holes on this fabulous new character art from Alyssa Fraser: