Thanks to all of the wonderful players who participated, and to the five awesome GMs who gave their time to run the adventure. It was so cool to see everyone enjoying this scenario. And now the moment you’ve been waiting for: out of 6 teams who ventured beyond the Beanstalk, one has emerged victorious! TEAM COLIN! (well, that’s what I called them, as they didn’t have an official name, lol!). Congratulations to:

  • Colin Kennedy
  • Geoffrey Edwards
  • Ben Scott
  • Owen Bernuetz

You persevered through the encounters, overcame the obstacles, solved the puzzles, and ultimately triumphed! Congratulations guys!

We shall be in touch about your prizes, which include the miniature of the character that you played (shown here in the Comments), painted by Rick Pemkowski!

A special thank you to my awesome GMs who brought the scenario to life with such exuberance and energy:

  • Kelly Hiscock
  • Martin Schoonbaert
  • James Hood
  • Brent Allum
  • Robert Brown

FOOD at PrairieCon!

Since we’re at the Keystone centre there are a few changes with food. You will not be able to buy pizza, chips, drinks and snacks from us directly.

You are also not allowed to bring in outside food or drink.

The Keystone Centre will be operating a canteen in the lower curling lounge (the same room as our registration desk and vendor area).from 10am-10pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday.

If you’re looking for restaurants nearby, there are many options right along 18th street, and really nothing in Brandon is a far drive. 🙂

Check out google maps to see what’s around:,-99.9659635,14.64z/data=!4m2!2m1!6e5

Masks at PrairieCon

For those who are wondering about masks this weekend:

PrairieCon is following provincial and venue guidelines, meaning masks are optional.

However, you should consider wearing a mask at PrairieCon when you are at a gaming table with people you do not know or normally interact with.

D&D 5E Tournament Update

Today is the day to register for the official PrairieCon 2022 D&D Tournament! As mentioned in previous posts, this will be a team-oriented game. The tournament is two rounds (morning and afternoon). You can register for either Saturday or Sunday (don’t register for both!). There are 20 slots for each day (so, enough for 4 teams of 5 Players). Everyone registers individually – make sure your teammates all register for the same day! On both Saturday and Sunday mornings, we will muster all the D&D players together in one spot, and people will gather into their teams. People who don’t already have a full team will be put together into a team. If your team has less than 5 players, we may fill up your empty spots if needed. (please note, the game will not be able to accommodate more than 5 players).

The D&D tournament is listed as one 9-hour slot on both Saturday and Sunday.

Go here to buy your badge:

Game registration starts at 7:00pm!
Hope to see you there!

We REALLY Need Your Game Submissions!

A super huge thank you to everyone who’s entered their games so far! And to everyone who’s about to enter their games!

Time has been really tight this year, like really, really tight! 

We’re all a little tired after a long pandemic and one of the best ways to move back to normal for us games is to make PrairieCon the best we can!

For a great convention to happen, we need you to submit your games!

To submit your games, visit our page

To review the incentives and other details on how to submit your game is posted here.

If you have any issues, please reach out to

Thank you!
– PrairieCon Board