That’s a wrap!

That’s a wrap!

Sadly, another PrairieCon has come and gone, but we hope that you all had an amazing time! We hope you were able to play some new games, make some new friends and picked up a great new game or too. Be sure to watch for the Trump Board Game being run in MANY slots next year so that we can make PrairieCon great again!

PrairieCon Tournament Winners!

Congratulations to the Mordenkainen’s Watchdogs, winners of the D&D Tournament this year! Thanks to all 47 players who participated, and the wonderful cadre of DM’s who ran the sessions. It was great fun, and the groups all did a wonderful job, in spite of moss-induced madness!

Also, thank you to Alyssa Fraser, Rick Pemkowski and Ernie Cameron for providing original artwork, painted miniatures, and terrain for the event.

Congratulations to Benoit Deslauriers who took home The Master of Mayhem Metal from Another Roadside Apocalypse. Benoit dished out an impressive Beating on Homer’s Daemons, having been on the receiving end of those Daemons in previous Apocalypse Games I know what kind of a challenge they can be.

And congratulations to Homer who is taking home the voucher for the new Dark Imperium box set from Maxx Collectibles.

Congratulations to Kelly Mitton who won the Settlers of Catan Tournament!  Kelly proved that her settlement was the best and her capital city was the best, she built this city on wheat and ore.

Social Media at PrairieCon 38

The hashtag for PrairieCon this year is #pcon38

PrairieCon has now officially started, and we just wanted to drop a quick message to say we encourage you to post any photos and pix of you having a good time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat!

This year we even added in a SnapChat GeoFilter that will be live by 3:00 today (Friday)!!

So please, show your friends how awesome PrairieCon is with all your photos and posts on social media!

Happy Gaming!


Pre-Registration is live at 5pm today

Pre-Registration is live at 5pm today

In just under 6 hours, the link will be published live at the top of the home page on here on

Once you get to the registration site, then you will have to:

  1. Create an account, with an email validation
  2. Purchase your pass (or redeem your gift pass)
  3. Then choose your games!.

There is no ‘save games’ button at the bottom of the site. Your game choices are saved as you select them!


If people have technical problems during registration, they have to use the “Contact Us” through the registration page. 

Please do not go and post on Facebook looking for help or support.  The Contact Us button goes directly to the web administrator who built the registration system and he is the only one who can help you if there is a technical issue.

We don’t foresee any issues, but we want to make sure you have your problem resolved as soon as possible!

Happy Gaming!


Even More D&D Tournament details

Even More D&D Tournament details

As the end of April and registration for PrairieCon rapidly approaches, I wanted to take a moment to talk about how registering your team for the PrairieCon D&D Tournament is going to work. As with all PrairieCon registration, it is first come, first serve. If you have a team of six players, all six still need to sign up. Let me repeat that – all six need to sign up.

Team captains will need to send an email to the contact address listed in the game description, and they can list all of the members of their team, as well as their team name. However, this email does not guarantee that anyone will be registered, nor does it save a spot. If someone on your team does not register, and the event fills up before they have a chance to do so, your team will be assigned someone from the pool of individual registrants who are not already on a team. So… get your people together and ensure that they register as soon as they can once registration opens.

If you plan to register as an individual without a team, that is totally cool. You will be assigned to a team that has room.

Not excited enough about the tournament yet? Here are a few more pictures of the super awesome terrain designed by Ernie Cameron to keep you on the edge of your set with anticipation!

More D&D Tournament Details!

More D&D Tournament Details!

Good news everyone!

This year, the D&D Tournament will be using the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. This means that they game system is very straightforward and easy to learn. You don’t need to have a single bit of 5th Edition experience in order to come out and play. We have a rules preamble at the beginning of the event, and while we assume you have played a roleplaying game before, we also assume that you haven’t played any 5th Edition D&D. The tournament has a fun and friendly atmosphere, and all scoring is based on roleplaying, problem solving, and accomplishing goals, so your limited exposure to the rules will not inhibit you in the least.

The other good news is that Ernie Cameron has lovingly hand-crafted some terrific terrain for our use in the event.
Not only will we get to use it for our event, but it will be one of the prizes for the winning team!

I have attached a couple of teaser pictures; thank Ernie!