Potential PrairieCon in 2022

Jan 25, 2022

Hello PrairieCon Family!

We know you are wondering if we will finally be able to get together in June, play all the new games that have come out in the last couple of years, and resurrect some golden oldies (this is not a reference to our older players, although we are pleased to welcome Kevan back as Venue Coordinator on the organizing committee!). We are wondering the same things. Currently, members of the committee are engaged in discussions with two potential venues, so there is hope! However, we are still faced with the reality that we are living in truly unpredictable times. There is nothing more we want than to send out a save-the-date and start ramping up to the most amazing event we have had in at least two years (I hope someone gets that joke), but we are committed to following all public health guidelines in the interest of protecting the health of our community.

Uncertainty sucks. Some of you need to book vacation time well in advance. Some aspects of convention planning should have started already but have had to wait until we know if we have a green light. Some of you may have already given up and planned a trip to some exotic location like Winnipeg. We hear and share your frustration. At the most recent organizing committee meeting, we set March 15th as our deadline for a decision. On March 15th, we will let you know if we are moving ahead with planning an event or if we are going to postpone again.

With that information in mind, please start thinking about games you would like to run! If we are a go, there will be very little time to organize the game schedule, so it will be really, really important for James’ sanity to hear back from our many DMs and GMs of the past (or others who want to try running for the first time) as soon as you can.

On a more personal note, I have been mostly a shut-in for the last couple of years. Gaming is a big part of our community, but I kinda like hearing about the other fun things people have had going on too. I hope others just want to sit around and catch up as much as I do, share cat and/or baby pics, tell the old stories over again (ask me why Perry was nicknamed Perry the Liar for years!), drink too much Mountain Dew, all that stuff. We want to play games with each other again, absolutely, but there is more to our community than just games. I miss you guys!

Alex (on behalf of the PrairieCon organizing committee)