Mar 15, 2022

That’s right, folks, PrairieCon is ready to return for 2022!

There will be a lot of changes, starting with our date. Please plan your vacation time for May 28th and 29th (we will be going back to a two-day event for this year). We haven’t signed all the contracts and paid all the down-payments, so we can’t announce a whole lot else just yet, but that information will be coming to you soon. Very soon. We are excited about some of the new (and, honestly, maybe a bit terrified of some too), but we have two months to make it work.

Think about that. Two months. Well, two and a half, but in the convention-planning world, it’s a really tight timeline. Be prepared for us to ask you for help because if ever we needed it, we need it this year. Dust off the books and boxes and get ready to game because that part isn’t changing: PrairieCon is about a community playing games, and we have missed you these last two years!

Most sincerely,

Your PrairieCon Convention Board of Directors

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