PrairieCon is only possible because of the countless hours that our volunteers spend organizing and running the convention. But we know it’s hard to take time away from playing games at a gaming convention, which is why we’ve put together a list of incentives that we hope will help you, help us out! Our incentive list is below.

GM and Volunteer Incentives 2019

To recognize the effort and contribution of our volunteers (GM and Venue), we reward volunteers for the hard work they do.

As you run games or help make the convention work in other ways, you will accumulate incentive credits. The more you contribute, the more you accumulate and the more you earn.

  • Help with setup = 0.5 credits
  • Gamemaster in slots 1-17(16) = 1 credit per slot
  • Volunteer in slots 1-17(16) (canteen, registration desk, auction and other) = 1 credit per slot
  • Help with evening cleanup = 1 credit per evening
  • Serve lunch = 0.5 credits for each Lunch
  • Serve dinner = 0.5 credits for each Dinner
  • Help with teardown = 0.5 credits

What do the credits get you?
1 credit: Tier One – Large – 1 ticket in the special GM/Volunteer draw
3 credits: Tier Two – Huge – 10 raffle tickets plus Large
5 credits: Tier Three – Gargantuan – Voucher for a free Lunch plus Huge
7 credits: Tier Four – Colossal – Free Preregistration plus Gargantuan
9 credits: Tier Five – Inconceivable – Free Shirt* plus Colossal

*To obtain a free shirt, you must have committed to 9 credits of time before 30 April. We need time to order shirts. We love our last minute volunteers, but we need lead time to get the shirts.


Talk to the Games Team at games@prairiecon.com
or the Volunteer Team at volunteers@prairiecon.com