Game Selection Starts Saturday at 6 pm

Apr 26, 2023

Game-Ticket Selection starts Saturday evening at 6 pm!

If there is a game that you really want to get into, be at your computer early and be ready to log in at 6 and get to your game! Some games fill up VERY fast!

To choose your game tickets, you’ll want to visit our registration site and look for the button to buy tickets. It will be right beside the Submit Events Button and the Buy Badge Button. (see below for an example of button placement)

Double-check your games list

Once you’ve signed up for your games, if you choose to, you can double-check your list by clicking on Attend, and then choosing My Schedule.

Trouble with the registration system?

If you run into any issues during badge registration or game ticket selection, contact

Just a(nother) reminder that our system uses badges for registration and you get a ticket for each game. You pay for your registration badge and your tickets are free once you have your badge. If you haven’t purchased your Registration Badget yet, you can do that on our registration site.

Check out our game list so far

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on Attend menu
  3. Click on Events Schedule

Games will continue to fill up our games list right up until May 12, so check back often! All of this information and more can be found on our website on our Event Details Page.

Happy Gaming!