In this year’s PrairieCon D&D Tournament!

Apr 11, 2024

A group of hopefuls from across the land have journeyed to the Ocasia School of Sorcery with dreams of admission to the prestigious school that will help them to unlock their natural sorcerer abilities. Candidates are sorted into five Societies for the testing process that will determine their fates: will you be one of the select few to be successful?

Players can register individually or as a part of a team. Teams will stay together for the first round of play, with some opportunity for mixing during the second round, which is a multi-table event. The tournament will use the 5e D&D rules set. Novice players are welcome, though this probably shouldn’t be your first game of D&D ever.

If you want to register as a team, make sure your team is all registered for the D&D tournament in tabletop events like normal, and then stick together when the game starts, and the DM will keep you and your friends together.

This year’s D&D amazing art is produced by Alyssa May Art – Tattoos & More.

Keep an eye on the D&D Tournament page to see all the details as they roll out, or check out any that you missed.