D&D Tournament update #2

May 17, 2018

Remember how we said that each character in the D&D Tournament this year is an individual?

Well, We meant it!  Take a look!  

Each character has their own miniature (each painted by the talented Rick Pemkowski).  With these minis (and many more still to come), it will soon be time for you to make your way into the City of Light and Dark.
Who will you, your group and the entire company of Twenty-Four support?  What secrets will you find?  Will you all be able to work as a team?  Or will you fall into disorder and death.  Which treasures will you unlock, and which will the other players reveal.  In the Last Battle, will you have what you need to survive?  Find out on Saturday or Sunday this year at PrairieCon!

And if you like the mini, it’s yours to keep.  Trust me, you’ll have paid for it by then.

p.s. You may enter as an individual.  Having a group in mind when you register is a good idea but it’s not required.  We will find you a group.

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