Get ready for a whole new way to do the PrairieCon D&D Tournament!

May 13, 2018

In the past, different groups of players have fought and thought their way through the same sets of encounters using the same characters.

This year, we are blowing it wide open!  

Every player and every group will be unique.  They will all be striving toward a goal in a magical City, a goal that will take the effort of everyone in this multi-table game to be successful.  Will you all have the same goal?  Will the City consume you?  Will you find ways to work together while fighting to be the best group of the day?

You’ll have two chances to find out: Be one of the lucky 24 on Saturday or one of the equally lucky 24 on Sunday.

Find a group of six players and sign up for this year’s D&D Tournament on either Saturday or Sunday.  See whether you and your group are brave, lucky and smart enough to survive and thrive in the City of Light and Dark.

Get ready to see an army of characters and a battlefield named for the God of War.

More information will be coming as we get closer to the convention!