Important Convention Registration Information

Apr 25, 2016

The PrairieCon pre-registration system will go live at noon on May 1st. We have a new registration system this year, so the experience will be a little different for those of you who have attended our convention before, but if you follow the following instructions everything should go smoothly:

1. Go to and go to the Login link and click on “Register New User” to choose a name and password to use in accessing our registration system.

2. After you have confirmed your username and password, next go to Purchase page and purchase a pass that meets your needs. If you plan to play in the Canadian National Settlers of Catan Tournament, please make sure that you purchase the additional pass for that event. You may also redeem gift passes on this page. All purchases must be made through PayPal.

3. You may then proceed to the Game page, where you can select the games that you wish to participate in by clicking on the green arrows next to your games of choice.

4. All done! Spread the word about PrairieCon to your friends and family!

Pre-registration will be open from May 1st through the 29th.