Game Masters and Volunteers Needed

Apr 16, 2016

As we’re getting ready for the big convention in June, one of our biggest challenges is offering enough games and also a good variety of games for our registrants. PrairieCon is looking for volunteers to help run a game or two during the weekend. There are many little perks to running your own games (prize draws, food, t-shirt, free registration). It is also a great opportunity to play a game you’ve been dying to get others to play with you, set up an event you’ve been wanting to do or just to connect with fellow tabletop gamers in your area. Please email James Hood at , send a message to our PrairieCon facebook page or use the contact form below. If you’ve already received an email and haven’t replied back yet, we ask you to do so. If you have replied back we just would like to thank you for your help this year! Spread the word to any friends you think might be interested.