PrairieCon only accepts players over the age of eight, and any players under twelve years of age must present a completed parental consent form upon arriving at the event.

Age recommendations listed are based on the complexity of the game rather and, in some cases, mature subject matter. As always, PrairieCon encourages new or first-time gamers to come out and participate. Including Yu-Gi-Oh and Duck! Duck! Go!, many of our events are geared toward younger players.

However, we do realize that some of the more complex games can be overwhelming to new players, so for those of you who have rarely or never played a role-playing, strategic, miniature or collectible card game before, we have taken the liberty of recommending some of our more friendly events – games that can be learned quickly and easily by virtually anyone. These games will be marked “Beginner Friendly” in the Games section. Often the game descriptions will provide additional information about the experience required to play.

Feel free to Contact Us if you require any clarification.