Q: What is PrairieCon?

A: PrairieCon is a weekend long event which allows the Brandon and area gaming community to get together. The primary purpose is entertainment, and the main attractions are the tournaments and events. The mission of PrairieCon, which is a non-profit event, is to promote gaming as a form of recreation in the community, and by gaming we are referring to board games, role-playing games, collectible card games, miniature games and live-action role-playing games; we do not promote gambling of any sort.

Q: I’ve never played a particular game before. Can I still enter the event?

A: Unless otherwise specified in the game description, the answer is always yes. Game masters are all prepared to instruct a new player in the rules of any particular game. Games marked “Beginner Friendly” are especially easy to pick up, and are not very intimidating for players new to that type of game. Games which are not marked “Beginner Friendly” are still accessible to beginners (unless otherwise stated in the description), but if you are new to this type of gaming, you might find it overwhelming.

Q: Do I need any special supplies to attend PrairieCon?

A: Probably not. You can bring dice and appropriate rule books if you like, but these are certainly not required. Collectible card games often require you to bring your own deck of cards to play with, but various merchants at PrairieCon will be selling cards for you to buy at the event. You are required to bring your own miniatures to some of the miniature games, but that is specified in the game description.

Q: Can I bring my own game to run?

A: Yes. If you want to run a game that is not in the schedule, you are welcome to bring it along and we will give you a space. If you have a game that you want added to the PrairieCon program, that is a different story. You can contact us with your request. Several factors go into the scheduling of PrairieCon events, including corporate sponsorship, the number of other games of that type running, and popularity of the game. The sooner you make your request the better, but there are no guarantees.

Q: What happens when my game gets cancelled?

A: Unfortunately, events at PrairieCon occasionally get cancelled due to lack of participation or other extenuating circumstances. We do apologize for the inconvenience. When your game is cancelled, check at the PrairieCon Office to see what games have room in them, or you can simply borrow a game from the office and play it with whoever is hanging around. And, of course, you are welcome to wander around and observe any events that are currently running.

Q: Why are there age recommendations and restrictions?

A: Age recommendations are based on the complexity of the game or, in a few cases, mature subject matter, and are usually determined by the manufacturers of the game – most of our regular games are playable by participants aged 12 and up.

Q: I am interested in becoming involved in the PrairieCon Organizing Committee. How do I volunteer?

A: If you are interested in making the event happen, you can contact us (see the contact page).

Q: What do I do when the game that I wanted to play is full? Is there a waiting list or something?

A: Sadly, we do not maintain waiting lists for games at PrairieCon. If you desperately want to play a game that is full, you have two options. You can find the game master before the event begins and ask if he or she can include another player, or you can hang around the table when the slot begins in case someone does not show up. The odds of either strategy working are not great, so be sure to pre-register early.

Q: Where can I get a pass to pre-register?

A: The complete list of locations is on the registration page.