Our Game Schedule is Full!

Apr 20, 2024

WOW! We have so, so many games available to choose from at this year’s PrairieCon. In fact, we have so many games submitted, that we are turning off the game submissions!

We know this may come as a disappointment to some of you who still want to run a game and gain the incentives, but we’re concerned that many games won’t have enough players to run.

Any game that was submitted this morning and last night will be dealt with on a game-by-game basis to see if we can fit them onto a table somewhere and into our schedule.

Get Your Friends to Sign Up!

We have an opportunity to make this the biggest PrairieCon yet, and how fitting would it be that our largest attended event had a dinosaur theme!?! So ask your friends, ankylosaurus’ and countryfolk, to come out and play!

You have until May 18 to choose your games online and purchase your badges. Then we close the registration system for a week to get ready for PrairieCon. Game Selection will reopen when PrairieCon opens on Friday, May 24 at noon. Badges will be available in person at the registration desk.