The PrairieCon 43 theme is…

Sep 10, 2023


Just because we couldn’t doesn’t mean we should, but we did it anyway!

Of course, the actual artwork is coming soon and will be 1000x better than this costume, but if you happen to have one of these costumes at home, let us know!

What is the PrairieCon Theme?

Every year, the committee likes to put a theme to PrairieCon. This sets the tone of the artwork and the look and feel of our social media for the year. This also sets the tone for our many puns over the year. 🙂

Game masters are encouraged to incorporate the theme in their games as much as possible, but it’s not mandatory.

This year being dinosaur-themed, players and GMs are invited to use their imagination to include and wonder how Dinosaurs can be incorporated into their games! Many board games already have Dinosaurs, so do a dig for your old classics! If it’s an RPG, all it takes is the imagination. Sometimes it is hard to incorporate the theme unless you think really creatively about it. For example, dinosaurs are already at the heart of every car racing game if you think about it!

So, there you have it, Dinosaurs!

Stay tuned for the artwork, we’ll post it as soon as it’s ready, we’ve seen a glimpse and the first draft is already pretty dam awesome.