The Nightmare – D&D Tournament Update

Apr 20, 2023

By Nick Brown

Are you here for the Dungeons & Dragons adventure at PrairieCon 42? Do you have the charisma to make friends, the dexterity to roll criticals, and the constitution to face your fears?

This fifth edition D&D adventure will have you baffled, frustrated, and confused with its twists and turns and the fear of waking up in an unfamiliar dream. You and 29 other players will navigate this inception-inspired, light improvisational live-action role-playing, movie reference-heavy, one-shot tabletop role-playing game to see if you have what it takes to beat your nightmares.

Note: The live-action roleplaying parts will be guided by the GMs, and the participation by players is as much or as little as they’re comfortable performing in front of the whole group.

Players can sign up for Saturday, May 27 or Sunday, May 28, from 9 am to 6 pm with a break in the middle for lunch. Premadelevel five characters and minis will be provided for the day. Please remember to bring your luckiest set of gaming dice and have some fun!

Prizes to be won!

Any questions can be directed to