PrairieCon Registration Dates!

Apr 4, 2023

We have just under two months left to go before PrairieCon, and there are a few key dates we want to make sure you don’t miss!

Saturday, April 22, at 6 pm – Registration Opens 

Our system uses registration badges to enter the convention and uses tickets to participate in each game/event. 

Buying your badge at this point will save you time when game signup starts. 

Saturday, April 29 at 6 pm – Game Signup Starts

If there are games you want to get into, you’ll need to be fast! Some games will fill up very quickly!

Having your badge purchased before this date will save you valuable time!

Check out our game list so far

If you want to check out the current games list follow the steps below!

All of this information and more can be found on our website on our Event Details Page

Happy Gaming!