PrairieCon needs you (or someone you know) to run the D&D Tournament!

Feb 17, 2023

Since the beginning of time…

Or at least since the beginning of PrairieCon, our convention has always featured the D&D Tournament.  The tournament evolved over time, but it has been a staple since the beginning.  But this year, we don’t have anyone to run it.  Thus we really need someone (or a pair of someones) to step forward and make it happen once again. 

We need a D&D Hero to organize our Tournament!

Who and what are we looking for? 

Specifically, we need a person or team to write, organize and run the PrairieCon D&D Tournament for this year’s convention on May 26-28, 2023.  If you are at all interested, contact any member of the Board and we’ll have a chat. 

Is this you?  Are you:

  • Eager and excited about it!  The Tournament is always fun and we want you to enjoy it too!
  • Full of ideas and ready to do the work to turn it into fantasy reality.
  • Someone who has played D&D before.  Experience is good.  You don’t need to be a rules lawyer, but you should know your Hit Dice from your Passive Perception.
  • A D&D DM.  Experience is good.  Even better is if you have DMed at a D&D Tournament.
  • Committed to running the event.  Yes, bad things can happen, but unless something truly awful and unavoidable happens, you will live up to your commitment.  The D&D Tournament is a PrairieCon institution, and we need it to run.
  • Aware that the event starts on May 27 and know that there is a lot of work to do.
  • Do you have game ideas?  Is your game idea:
  • Fun?  Whether it’s gritty and dark or light and fluffy, it needs to be entertaining.  We are looking for 8 hours of adventure for our attendees.  We want people to say, “That was fun!  What a great ride!”
  • Run with the D&D ruleset?  Or something very close to it.  D&D 5e is the default, but we could consider Pathfinder.  Enjoyable as other games are, this one needs to be D&D.
  • Ready for at least 24 people?  Obviously, no human can DM for 24 people at once.  That is why you will lead a team of DMs.  You will prepare the material for your team of 4 and 6 DMs, playtest with them and then organize the event at the convention.  It’s a lot of work, but it is incredibly satisfying to experience

There are a number of ways this can be done and we can chat about it.

  • Ready to have your game run twice over the course of the convention, each time for 8 hours?  The game starts at 9 am on Saturday and runs until 6 pm with a one-hour lunch break at 1 pm.  Then it runs again Sunday at the same time.
  • Varied?  It will have a fight or three, some problem-solving and investigation and lots of opportunities to do some roleplay.  A little bit of everything sounds about right.
  • Full of player agency?  Players need to make meaningful decisions that affect the outcomes.  Yes, you need to provide boundaries, but in the end, the players have to be their own masters.
  • Rules light?  We’re looking for something that can be easily explained and enjoyed by someone with little RPG experience.  If your idea requires one specific masterful tactic and an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules, try another idea.

If this sounds like you and your ideas, we want to hear from you, contact us at