May 31, 2022

Thanks to all of the wonderful players who participated, and to the five awesome GMs who gave their time to run the adventure. It was so cool to see everyone enjoying this scenario. And now the moment you’ve been waiting for: out of 6 teams who ventured beyond the Beanstalk, one has emerged victorious! TEAM COLIN! (well, that’s what I called them, as they didn’t have an official name, lol!). Congratulations to:

  • Colin Kennedy
  • Geoffrey Edwards
  • Ben Scott
  • Owen Bernuetz

You persevered through the encounters, overcame the obstacles, solved the puzzles, and ultimately triumphed! Congratulations guys!

We shall be in touch about your prizes, which include the miniature of the character that you played (shown here in the Comments), painted by Rick Pemkowski!

A special thank you to my awesome GMs who brought the scenario to life with such exuberance and energy:

  • Kelly Hiscock
  • Martin Schoonbaert
  • James Hood
  • Brent Allum
  • Robert Brown