D&D 5E Tournament

Apr 11, 2022

Greetings PrairieCon community!

After a long drought, it appears that the 5e D&D Tournament will finally be returning to PrairieCon this year! I wanted to take a moment to detail the format of the tournament. Once again this year, you can register for the tournament as an individual or as a team! Teams should be between four and five players; if you don’t have the full five players, then individuals may be added to your team to round out the groups. This means that we will once again have a winning group rather than a winning individual this year! There will be a maximum of four groups for each day.

The tournament will be a two-round (4-slot) affair and include pre-generated characters which you will play in both rounds. We will run the tournament once on Saturday (morning/afternoon) and once on Sunday (morning/afternoon) so that you can have a bit more flexibility when working out your gaming schedules for the weekend – winners will be announced at the conclusion of the Sunday games.

If you have any questions there’s a post on the community page where you can ask questions to Perry directly.