Advanced Chainmaile – Ocean Wave

Apr 30, 2019

Duane Leicht will be back with his Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Chainmaile classes this year.  This year the Advanced Chainmaile workshop will feature the Ocean Wave (as shown in the photo!).  Its interlocking rings help to create a wave-like pattern.  Use of colour will make each bracelet unique to the builder.  Creativity is not only a requirement, but it is also highly encouraged.  By the end of the session each participant will have completed their own bracelet.

There will be an additional cost of $5.00 for each participant in this class.

If you prefer, you may make the bracelet with Sterling Silver instead of aluminium.  This will cost an additional $30 for the materials.  

If you are interested in the Sterling Silver option, you must contact us by May 30 so that Duane can order the materials.

Contact Duane at to let him know if you want the sterling silver option.