PrairieCon 39 call for games!

Feb 6, 2018

Traps. Whether in the deepest of space, in the darkness of dungeons or in the deception of boardgames, traps exist everywhere around us. In honour of this everpresent thing, PrairieCon celebrates the trap. Yes, PrairieCon 2018 will be a fun trap for us all! Whether you are a builder, a disarmer or an occasional target, this is the year for you!

To make this trap happen (or disarm it, your call), we need your help. We need volunteers to run games and do the many other important tasks that make the con a success.

Become a PrairieCon Gamemaster or a PrairieCon Volunteer. Or both! The more games we have, the more successful we can be and the more perfect PrairieCon will become. If running games is not for you, we have other ways to help, like setting up, trap detection, cleaning up, running the canteen, and registration.

PrairieCon 2018 (XXXIX/39) will be at Assiniboine Community College this year, 15-17 June 2018. Similar to last year, we have 17 slots each with a duration of 2 hours. With this schedule, we may offer many shorter games with the option of double or longer slot opportunities for longer games. See the attached slot schedule pdf.

We need the details about your games by March 20.

As a way of thanking you for making PrairieCon a success, Gamemasters and volunteers alike will receive some special perks. The more slots in which you run games or volunteer your time the more perks you will get. See the attached recognition and incentive pdf.

We need the details about your games by March 20. The info we need is in the attached Gamemaster FAQ and Game Submission Requirements. Again this year, all GMs who provide all of the information requested, in a manner that may be easily copied and pasted, and by the deadline of 20 March, will be entered into a special thank you draw. Giving us all the info early makes our lives easier.

If you want to GM but are not sure what you want to run, let me know. We sometimes receive Play-to-Win games that need GMs. If you’re interested, contact James at


Talk to James on the Games Team or email

Volunteers should talk to Kelly or email him at



Respectful Participation Policy

PrairieCon Tournament Policy 2018

Game Submission Requirements 2018

PrairieCon 2018 Slot Schedule Final

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