Important D&d Tournament News!

Apr 14, 2017

Behold! New character artwork, fresh from the talented pen of Alyssa Fraser!

This year, I have had the great fortune of working with talented artists who are producing artwork, terrain and painted miniatures for the tournament. Rick Pemkowski is hard at work painting a set of character figures that will be given out to the winning team, and Ernie Cameron has created some terrific terrain that will be used during the scenario and given out as a prize. Alyssa will also be selling some character-themed buttons at her table at the convention, along with some other groovy artwork. If you are interested in custom buttons for your team, she is accepting pre-orders until May 19th. A set of 6 buttons (one for each character) will run your team $15, and you can order them by emailing her at with your team name (and logo or colour if you have one).

In the interest of fostering team spirit, we have a couple of incentives for your team at the big event:

  • If your group wears team uniforms, all of your characters will begin the first round with a bonus point of inspiration!
  • In lieu of a team uniform, if you are wearing a PrairieCon T-Shirt (from any year), your character will begin the first round with a bonus point of inspiration.
  • The team judged to have the most awesome uniform/theme will get to play the second round of the tournament using the custom terrain and miniatures that will eventually be awarded as prizes at the end of the event.

Be creative and have some fun with your fellow teammates!