PrairieCon is a not-for-profit organization in Brandon, MB that is dedicated to the gaming community.
We have been promoting a friendly and non-competitive environment for over thirty years!

Pre-Registration is live at 5pm today

In just under 6 hours, the link will be published live at the top of the home page on here on Once you get to the registration site, then you will have to: Create an account, with an email validation Purchase your pass (or redeem your gift pass) Then...

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Registration is almost here!

Registration is tomorrow! As this new character artwork (by Alyssa Fraser) for the D&D Tournament shows, The Rookie is just as excited as I am! The tournament has been play-tested by our loyal cadre of DM's, and it is all ready to go. All that remains is for you...

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Another D&D Tournament Update

I have shared quite a bit of information and artwork for the D&D Tournament over the past few weeks, but it occurs to me that I have told you all virtually nothing about the scenario itself, "Shadows over Blue Harbour": The world is not a good place for humanoids,...

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