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Rog Rog want you!

Convenshun only happen when minion do work! Rogrog want you to volunteer to be minion!  Glorious job of kleaning Rog Rog’s toes and uuhhhh others. What Rog Rog is trying to say is PrairieCon is looking for volunteers to help on the committee. We are looking for people...

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PrairieCon is looking theme ideas for next year!

In case you haven't noticed, PrairieCon has a theme every year. Our artwork is drawn up Our artwork is drawn to match and we used to even have a story contest (maybe it'll come back some day soon). Now we need a new theme for next year's convention. We've had Year of...

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That’s a wrap!

Sadly, another PrairieCon has come and gone, but we hope that you all had an amazing time! We hope you were able to play some new games, make some new friends and picked up a great new game or too. Be sure to watch for the Trump Board Game being run in MANY slots next...

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Social Media at PrairieCon 38

The hashtag for PrairieCon this year is #pcon38 PrairieCon has now officially started, and we just wanted to drop a quick message to say we encourage you to post any photos and pix of you having a good time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat! This year we...

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Last minute info for PrairieCon XXXVIII attendees!

Last minute info for PrairieCon XXXVIII attendees! A reminder for anyone attending on Friday afternoon that it's a regular business day for the college and parking is restricted. An area will be set aside for PriaireCon attendees, probably in the southwest corner of...

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After Dark Sponsors the D&D Tournament! Pictures of minis!

Good news, everyone! After Dark Winnipeg has come on board as a sponsor of the 38th Annual PrairieCon Dungeons and Dragons Tournament! The After Dark gaming lounge in Winnipeg is a great establishment, with plenty of board games and a great space for running rpg's -...

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