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PrairieCon 2019 Invitation to Gamemasters and Volunteers

tl;dr: Please GM games/volunteer at PrairieCon! Email your games and interests into by March 20. PRAIRIECON IS EXTRA LARGE THIS YEAR. Hello PrairieCon GM (and Volunteer)! It’s our 40th year! XL, get it! Well, we are easily amused. But this is a...

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Pre-Registration is today at 7 p.m. sharp!

Pre-registration opens at 7 pm sharp today! The registration site can be found at Once you get to the site, there are a few simple steps you have to follow: Create an account, with an email validation Purchase your pass (or redeem your gift...

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D&D Tournament final update!

The Field of the God of War will be the Site of the Clash of the Army and the Dragon. And this Clash will be a Sight.   Who will win? Will you Burn in the Fires of the Wyrm? Or will you have what it takes to win Victory? Gather your team (or find a team there) and...

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T-Shirt Preorders

The T-shirts are ready for pre-order!! will be available at the convention to purchase. Sorry, we had to close T-shirt pre-orders. You will be able to purchase shirts at PrairieCon.  

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D&D Tournament update #2

Remember how we said that each character in the D&D Tournament this year is an individual? Well, We meant it!  Take a look!   Each character has their own miniature (each painted by the...

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