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Pre-Registration is today at 7 p.m. sharp!

Pre-registration opens at 7 pm sharp today! The registration site can be found at Once you get to the site, there are a few simple steps you have to follow: Create an account, with an email validation Purchase your pass (or redeem your gift...

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D&D Tournament final update!

The Field of the God of War will be the Site of the Clash of the Army and the Dragon. And this Clash will be a Sight.   Who will win? Will you Burn in the Fires of the Wyrm? Or will you have what it takes to win Victory? Gather your team (or find a team there) and...

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T-Shirt Preorders

The T-shirts are ready for pre-order!! will be available at the convention to purchase. Sorry, we had to close T-shirt pre-orders. You will be able to purchase shirts at PrairieCon.  

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D&D Tournament update #2

Remember how we said that each character in the D&D Tournament this year is an individual? Well, We meant it!  Take a look!   Each character has their own miniature (each painted by the...

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