2022 State of the Con and the  Auction

The state of the con will happen on Saturday, at 6 pm, where President Alexis Braun will give thanks to the attendees and give an update on PrairieCon.Right after the state of the con, the Auction will begin!

Since we do not have any overnight storage that we’re comfortable with at the Keystone, we will do the entire auction in ONE NIGHT. The auction will run until all items are sold, HOWEVER, we are reserving the right to end the auction early if we are losing a majority of attendees leaving to go to evening games or elsewhere.

Visit the Auction page on our website to pre-download and fill out your forms.http://www.prairiecon.com/general-information/auction/

Games Submission Details

Hello PrairieCon Gamemasters!

It’s great to be back and getting ready to play games with you all again. We have a new venue and a new registration system this year! The venue change means we no longer have private rooms for RPGs, but we do have a quieter area in the upper curling lounge where RPGs will go. All other games will go out on the curling rink. For the registration system, we are trying out www.tabletop.events this year, it’s an online system that’s built specifically for gaming conventions, but that will mean some changes for you when submitting games. 

What are the changes? 

  1. Probably the biggest change is you will have to create a game master account and enter your games yourself. We have a help document (attached) that walks you through it, and if you face any issues, let me know! 
  2. You control your account, and you will need to enter the info for the games you’d like to run. We will review and approve the game(s) that you submit.
  3. The old two-hour slot system is gone. Instead, games will start and end on the hour. If you have a one-hour kids’ game, enter it as a one-hour game. If you have a 15-hour MegaUberCivilization game, enter it as a 15-hour game.

The Game Schedule

Saturday 9 am to midnight. (15 hours)

Sunday 9 am to 6 pm (9 hours)

Please note:

  • Registration and game setup open at 8 am on both days
  • There are no more meal breaks – For the love of Lolth, Heironeous and Cayden Cailean, remember to eat!
  • There are no breaks between slots – Give yourself time to finish and pack up before the next GM arrives at the table.
  • The Auction will start at 6pm and will end when all games are gone, or we decide to end it.
    See the Auction page for more details.

The GM/Volunteer incentive system

Once again, we are offering an incentive system based on how many hours you volunteer to run a game or help at the convention. Rewards are tiered:

Eyeball Level – One hour
You will get a ticket in the GM-only draw. 

Eye Tyrant Level – Eight hours
You will get a ticket in the GM-only draw
A strip of raffle tickets

Elder Orb Level – Sixteen hours
You will get a ticket in the GM only draw
A strip of raffle tickets 
Either Free registration OR a Free T-shirt. 

Now that you’ve read all that, you can click the link below to start registering your games!

If you have any issues, please contact games@prairiecon.com

PrairieCon Pre-Registration Date Announced

PrairieCon attendees will want to add the following two dates to their calendars!

Before we get to the dates, please note that we have moved to Tabletop.events: a new registration system that uses badges to enter the convention and you use a ticket to participate in each game/event. You will still only pay to enter the convention by paying for your badge, and all tickets will be free.
With that being said, onto the important dates:

Badge sales open on May 7 at 7:00 pm.

This means that you will be able to purchase your badge online and start viewing the games in each slot.  You will not be able to get tickets for any game until…

May 14 at 7:00 pm – Game Pre-Registration begins

This is the date and time you want to be ready for! This is when gamers can use their tickets and start choosing the games they want to attend.

Some games fill up very fast, and not always the ones you think, so if you see a game that you want to attend, be sure to be online when pre-registration opens!

May 23 at 11:59 pm – All Pre-Registration Closes

Happy Gaming!

D&D 5E Tournament

Greetings PrairieCon community!

After a long drought, it appears that the 5e D&D Tournament will finally be returning to PrairieCon this year! I wanted to take a moment to detail the format of the tournament. Once again this year, you can register for the tournament as an individual or as a team! Teams should be between four and five players; if you don’t have the full five players, then individuals may be added to your team to round out the groups. This means that we will once again have a winning group rather than a winning individual this year! There will be a maximum of four groups for each day.

The tournament will be a two-round (4-slot) affair and include pre-generated characters which you will play in both rounds. We will run the tournament once on Saturday (morning/afternoon) and once on Sunday (morning/afternoon) so that you can have a bit more flexibility when working out your gaming schedules for the weekend – winners will be announced at the conclusion of the Sunday games.

If you have any questions there’s a post on the community page where you can ask questions to Perry directly.

Submit your games!

Hello PrairieCon Gamemasters!

PrairieCon is on! May 28-29 in Brandon! Get excited! 

I am reaching out to ask if you will help make PrairieCon a successful convention once again and run some games!??

How the games submission system will work is… well… still in the works. All I know right now is that it will not be the same as it was in previous years. But, start thinking about what you want to run and start collecting the basic info (titles, description, links, publishers, etc.), this way, you’ll be ready when the submissions open!

No matter the challenges of the past two years, it’s time to game!

Please contact games@prairiecon.com if you are interested in running a game!

We’ll be in touch with you soon with the exact info required and the game submission links.