D&D Tournament Registration Update


After just two weeks of pre-registration, we have 44 players for the D&D Tournament! That is the highest levels we have seen in many years. As a result of this, we added an additional DM for Saturday to accommodate one more group. With a couple more weeks of pre-registration remaining, we have only two spots left open on Sunday and 8 on Saturday. If you are thinking of joining the game, don’t delay!

The last two pieces of character art from Alyssa Fraser are in. Meet The Con Artist and The Enforcer:

Registration is almost here!

Registration is tomorrow!

As this new character artwork (by Alyssa Fraser) for the D&D Tournament shows, The Rookie is just as excited as I am!

The tournament has been play-tested by our loyal cadre of DM’s, and it is all ready to go. All that remains is for you to register!

A quick reminder: if you intend to participate in the D&D Tournament as a team, each of your players will need to register, just like they normally would every year. To indicate who is on your team, have your team captain send an email to craigdedrick@hotmail.com

I would also like to remind everyone that you can pre-order buttons featuring your team name and the six different character portraits from Alyssa Fraser at Alyssamaydraw@gmail.com by May 19th.

Happy registration everyone!

Another D&D Tournament Update

I have shared quite a bit of information and artwork for the D&D Tournament over the past few weeks, but it occurs to me that I have told you all virtually nothing about the scenario itself, “Shadows over Blue Harbour”:

The world is not a good place for humanoids, or “demi-humans,” as the humans call you. The humans have established military dominance over the less populous other races, such as the elves, orcs, dwarves, gnomes and halflings. Only The Resistance, a loose organization of humanoids, stands against human domination. In order to accomplish your mission, your group of rebels must sneak into the human-only city of Blue Harbour as a growing shadow from the sea ominously covers the city in darkness. 

If that isn’t enough to get you excited, check out the artwork for one of the characters, “The Leader,” by Alyssa Fraser:

Remember that you can order team-themed buttons featuring the character artwork from Alyssa by sending her an email at: alyssamaydraw@gmail.com by May 19th.

Important D&d Tournament News!

Important D&d Tournament News!

Behold! New character artwork, fresh from the talented pen of Alyssa Fraser!

This year, I have had the great fortune of working with talented artists who are producing artwork, terrain and painted miniatures for the tournament. Rick Pemkowski is hard at work painting a set of character figures that will be given out to the winning team, and Ernie Cameron has created some terrific terrain that will be used during the scenario and given out as a prize. Alyssa will also be selling some character-themed buttons at her table at the convention, along with some other groovy artwork. If you are interested in custom buttons for your team, she is accepting pre-orders until May 19th. A set of 6 buttons (one for each character) will run your team $15, and you can order them by emailing her at alyssamaydraw@gmail.com with your team name (and logo or colour if you have one).

In the interest of fostering team spirit, we have a couple of incentives for your team at the big event:

  • If your group wears team uniforms, all of your characters will begin the first round with a bonus point of inspiration!
  • In lieu of a team uniform, if you are wearing a PrairieCon T-Shirt (from any year), your character will begin the first round with a bonus point of inspiration.
  • The team judged to have the most awesome uniform/theme will get to play the second round of the tournament using the custom terrain and miniatures that will eventually be awarded as prizes at the end of the event.

Be creative and have some fun with your fellow teammates!