Time for our games plea!

Time for our games plea!

We need more games!  

And we need people to run those games.

It’s time to really put the XL in XL! And to do this we need your help!

Most importantly what we really need are more board games and more card games!

First, have a look at our games list and see what you have that isn’t being offered yet. Second, check out the links below to send in your game information!

PrairieCon XL/2019 will be at Assiniboine Community College this year, on June 14-16, 2019. We have 17 slots running throughout the weekend with a duration of two-hours each, allowing us to offer many shorter game slots with the option of double or longer slot opportunities for longer games.

Advanced Chainmaile – Ocean Wave

Advanced Chainmaile – Ocean Wave

Duane Leicht will be back with his Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Chainmaile classes this year.  This year the Advanced Chainmaile workshop will feature the Ocean Wave (as shown in the photo!).  Its interlocking rings help to create a wave-like pattern.  Use of colour will make each bracelet unique to the builder.  Creativity is not only a requirement, but it is also highly encouraged.  By the end of the session each participant will have completed their own bracelet.

There will be an additional cost of $5.00 for each participant in this class.

If you prefer, you may make the bracelet with Sterling Silver instead of aluminium.  This will cost an additional $30 for the materials.  

If you are interested in the Sterling Silver option, you must contact us by May 30 so that Duane can order the materials.

Contact Duane at barkly@sasktel.net to let him know if you want the sterling silver option.

PrairieCon XL BYOB (Bring Your Own Beholder)

PrairieCon XL BYOB (Bring Your Own Beholder)

Are you interested in playing some D&D from the monster’s point of view? 

Play a Beholder you say?  For the BYOB, Bring Your Own Beholder event, you will make a Beholder (subject to the rules linked to below) and Bring that near divine creature of creative beauty to PrairieCon.  You and your team of Beholders, working as cooperatively as Beholders do . . . must restore the figurehead Queen of Harrowdeep to the throne lest the usurping Paladin Princess unleash her Holy Wrath on you and your schemes.  

How do you make a Beholder for the PrairieCon XL BYOB, Bring Your Own Beholder event?

Step 1)  Start with the basic Beholder on page 28 of the 5e Monster Manual.  Use all the standard stats and abilities unless customized.

Step 2)  You will have neither Lair Actions nor Legendary Actions.  You do have your amazing antimagic central eye.  Do be careful with it.

Step 3)  Instead of using the standard eye rays, you will select custom eye ray powers!  You will roll randomly to see which 3 eyes are active for any given attack, but you may pick what each eye does.  You may use the default powers (but why?) or pick powers (spells) of the same level or lower as the ones you replace.

  • Eye 1 – Sleep or another level 1 Sorcerer Spell effect
  • Eye 2 – Charm or another level 1 Sorcerer Spell effect
  • Eye 3 – Fear or another level 3 Sorcerer Spell Effect
  • Eye 4 – Slow or another level 3 Sorcerer Spell Effect
  • Eye 5 – Enervation or another level 5 Sorcerer Spell Effect
  • Eye 6 – Paralyzing or another level 5 Sorcerer Spell Effect
  • Eye 7 – Telekinesis or another level 5 Sorcerer Spell Effect
  • Eye 8 – Petrification or another level 6 Sorcerer Spell Effect
  • Eye 9 – Disintegration or another level 6 Sorcerer Spell Effect
  • Eye 10 – Death or another level 7 Sorcerer Spell Effect

e.g. Suppose you don’t like the level 3 Fear effect of Eye 3.  You may replace it with Fireball or any other level 3 Sorcerer spell effect.

Step 3b)  Don’t like to be restricted to Sorcerer Spells?  No worries.  You may substitute another class’ spells but with a 1 level penalty.  e.g.  Suppose you don’t like the level 3 Slow effect of Eye 4 and don’t want to substitute any other Sorcerer spell.  You could instead replace the Slow effect with the level 2 Cleric spell Lesser Restoration or the level 2 Druid spell Barkskin.

Step 3c)  Still not enough variety for you?  You may choose to stunt any of your eyes.  So instead of a spell effect, a stunted eye gives a constant +2 to an ability stat. Beware, you will still roll to see which eyes are active each round.  Pick too many stunted eyes, which have no spell attacks, and you may not have any effective attacks in a given round!

Step 4)  Calculate your stats, saves and DCs (if they changed), then find a photo and pick a Beholder worthy name.  The DM will reward the best name with a free drink from the canteen!

Step 5)  Get fired up for PrairieCon!

Send us a message through the website and we’ll get back to you!
Or ask on Facebook.

PrairieCon 2019 Invitation to Gamemasters and Volunteers

tl;dr: Please GM games/volunteer at PrairieCon! Email your games and interests into games@prairiecon.com by March 20.


Hello PrairieCon GM (and Volunteer)!

It’s our 40th year! XL, get it! Well, we are easily amused. But this is a signature year for us and we want you to be there. We want you there to run games. Big games, Large games, Colossal games! And small games too. Any and all games and in large numbers. So come out and game large!

To make this a big convention, we need your help. We need volunteers to run games and do the many other important tasks that make the con a success. Become a PrairieCon Gamemaster or a PrairieCon Volunteer. Or both! The more games we have, the more successful we can be and the more perfect PrairieCon will become. If running games is not for you, we have other big ways to help like setup, cleanup, running the canteen, and registration.

This year, we would like to have more kids games and more heavy games. If you have some games that would fit these categories, I want to hear from you! Also we need more RPGs, especially non-standard ones. If you have an idea for a (for example) Chill, CoC or Amber game, I want you to run it! Finally if you have a game on the BGG “The Hotness” list, we’re interested! The list, as of the end of January, is copied below.

PrairieCon 2019 (XL/40) will be at Assiniboine Community College this year, 14-16 June 2019. Similar to last year, we have 17 slots during the entire weekend with a duration of 2 hours each. With this we may offer many shorter games with the option of double or longer slot opportunities for heavier gaming. See the attached slot schedule pdf.

As a way of thanking you for making the summer Convention a success, Gamemasters and volunteers alike will receive some special perks. The more slots in which you run games or volunteer your time the more perks you will get. See the attached recognition and incentive PDF.

By 20 March, we need the details about your games. The info we need is in the attached Gamemaster FAQ and Game Submission Requirements. Again this year, all GMs who provide all of the information requested, in a manner that may be easily copied and pasted, by the deadline of 20 March, will be entered into a special thank you draw. Giving us all the info early makes our lives easier.

Once you are at the convention, come to registration and we will get you set up. Make sure to come early, as there are always complications 🙂

If you want to GM but are not sure what you want to run, let me know. We sometimes receive Play-to-Win games that need GMs. In you’re interested, contact me.

Questions? Talk to James on the Games Team or email games@prairiecon.com Volunteers should talk to Kelly or email him at volunteers@prairiecon.com


p.s. here is the Board Game Geek “The Hotness” list: 

The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth
Terraforming Mars
Spirit Island
Battle of the Bards
Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Teotihuacan: City of Gods
Architects of the West Kingdom
Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done
Sleeping Gods
Aeon’s End: Legacy
New Frontiers
Doppelt so clever
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
Mage Knight Board Game
Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition)
Great Western Trail
Gaia Project
KeyForge: Call of the Archons
The 7th Continent
Forum Trajanum
Black Angel
Underwater Cities
Brass: Birmingham
Western Legends
The City of Kings
Kingdom Death: Monster
Dinosaur Island
The Castles of Burgundy
That’s Pretty Clever
Legends of Andor
Arkham Horror (Third Edition)
Rising Sun