Shadows over PrairieCon - 38
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PrairieCon 39 call for games!

Traps. Whether in the deepest of space, in the darkness of dungeons or in the deception of boardgames, traps exist everywhere around us. In honour of this everpresent thing, PrairieCon celebrates the trap. Yes, PrairieCon 2018 will be a fun trap for us all! Whether...

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Rog Rog want you!

Convenshun only happen when minion do work! Rogrog want you to volunteer to be minion!  Glorious job of kleaning Rog Rog’s toes and uuhhhh others. What Rog Rog is trying to say is PrairieCon is looking for volunteers to help on the committee. We are looking for people...

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PrairieCon is looking theme ideas for next year!

In case you haven't noticed, PrairieCon has a theme every year. Our artwork is drawn up Our artwork is drawn to match and we used to even have a story contest (maybe it'll come back some day soon). Now we need a new theme for next year's convention. We've had Year of...

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